If you are looking for a premium and contemporary finish for the driveway of your homes and offices, Exposed Aggregate is the key to higher aesthetic value. Pick any color and texture from our limitless options and get the best-exposed aggregate results like never before. From shells to pebbles to crushed marble and stone, expose aggregate gives you raw and natural finish to uplift the face of your driveway.

Are you tired of vehicle crossovers breaking off every second day? Do you need a stable, durable and sturdy solution to move vehicles all over the facility? If so, hire us for taking care of your Vehicle cross over needs. With constructional expertise and architectural finesse, we bring out results that are durable and affordable and allow smooth, sturdy and functional surfaces for driving vehicles.

Running on a tight budget or believe that conventional is the best, we offer best plain/ colored concrete services for your indoor and outdoor surfaces. A durable and inexpensive way to remodel your home or office, Plain/ Colored concrete is durable, aesthetically pleasing and never goes out of trend. You can pick any color of your choice and our experts will mix give you the best results for colored concrete.

Looking for an inexpensive, durable and pleasing to eye solution for your driveway, choose concrete and enjoy the many benefits it brings along. From durability to immaculate visual appeal and sturdiness, you get a professionally set driveway to vroom your vehicle on a smooth and even surface. We also offer gravel, asphalt, cobblestone, brick and other pavers made driveway services.

From pebbled to concrete to mosaic and more, we offer you professional path building services at the best prices. Whether you want to uplift the face of your facility or intend to make a more functional and sturdy path, we deliver the best results as per your requirement.  Cost-effective and expertly executed paths installation services Melbourne for offices and residential property.

CARPARKContinuous use and exposure to different types of vehicles and extreme weather conditions can make the car park dull and prone to cracks or over the time decay. We provide durable, study and cost-effective solutions for Car Park. Our expert understands the requirement of your individual project and offer bespoke services that deliver longevity.

All you need is a plan for the remodeling and we will take care of the rest of the requirements. We make sturdy shed slabs that meet the standards of constructions while delivering high visual value to the construction. Get customized results for shed slab as per your backyard shed and bring ease to your task of moving heavy lawn equipment and other tools in and out of the shed.

Whether you have redecorates, refurbished or renovated your facility, there will be a lot of rubble, plaster, bricks, concrete and other debris that needs to be taken care off. Hire experienced brick, debris and concrete removal services and enjoy a clean & debris less property. Our experienced staff is licensed and insured to take off concrete and other debris from the most hard-to-reach corners of your property.


However big or small your project may be, we understand just how important your outdoor space is in your every day life. That’s why we strive to achieve our utmost best when providing you with our quality services. With a great deal of expertise, our friendly tradesmen will take you step by step to achieve your wish with attention to detail and quality workmanship. We hold extensive experience in all facets of exposed aggregate concrete.

Should our clients seek advice, SKYCO Group hold extensive experience and can discuss your home needs with you via our free consultation.

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