Exposed Aggregate

What is Exposed Aggregate?

It is the driveway that let the visitor make a picture of the entire house. While it is expected to be sturdy, it should also havea high aesthetic appeal, to impress your visitors. The conventional driveway, pool sidewalk construction techniques emphasized on the use of cement, however, exposed aggregate is the ultimate solution for style, visual appeal as well as strength and durability.

Exposed Aggregate in Melbourne is one of the durable choices of outdoor constructions including driveways, pool sidewalks and perimeter runway. Besides being sturdy and impressive, exposed aggregate also has non-slippery features which is why it is perfect for outdoor construction operations.

In technical terms, exposed aggregate is a polished and crafted surface that is created with cement by removing the topmost layer. The exposed aggregate, when crafted with perfection, offer an enhanced look that normal cement applications can’t.

At SkyCo Group, we have a team of skilled tradesmen who have knowledge and skills to bring the best of exposed aggregate construction ideas to life. We promise longevity, aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness in every project.

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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Melbourne

Why Choose Exposed Aggregate?

Exposed aggregate is one of the most durable element to construct driveways, walkways and pool sides. Whether you have a high traffic driveway or want a non-slippery poolside construction, exposed aggregate solutions will offer you the desired outcome for years to come.

Whether it is raining or there is a hailstorm, you live in a high-temperature zone of it snows heavily in your region, the exposed aggregate can offer you the same finish through all sorts of elements.

While cement fails to satiate your needs for a modern and stylish finish, exposed aggregate in Melbourne has overcome all these issues. It makes your driveways attractive while adding value to the face of your home.

When it comes to options, you can choose from the range of exposed aggregate texture and color. There is always a perfect match for your style of home, whether it is red-brick, vintage and character home or a modern and fancy home.

You can enjoy the same finish of any exposed concrete construction in Melbourne for years. All you need to do is wash it over and make it new. Moreover, because it is pebbled, you do not have to worry about stains and scratches.

Types of Exposed Concrete constructions:

Rocksalt Finish:

If you are a fan of marble but do not want to burn a hole in your pocket while buying it for the construction, RoackSalt Finish exposed aggregate is an excellent choice. It has pits and holes in the finish offering you a coarser look.

Stamped Finish:

Brick, slate, stone, tile or wood are some expensive materials to buy and install, stamped finish help you achieve the looks of these materials at a comparatively lower cost. With the help of pattern and textures, our experts offer you an exact resembling construction of any of these materials.

Exposed Aggregate:

A hassle-free way to enhance the look and value of your home, exposed aggregate is virtually maintenance free and comes at a cheaper price. It is also more durable and sturdy than the conventional cement.

Rolled concrete:

Save your money with this cheaper choice of concrete. It is just a substandard form of conventional concrete, which is made using ingredients at varied ratios.

Why choose Skyco Group for Exposed Aggregate?

At SkyCo Group, we offer you endless reasons to choose us as your exposed aggregate construction partner in every project. A few of these reasons include:

With decades of experience, we have acquired enough knowledge and skills to deliver you bespoke exposed concrete results for your outdoor spaces. We have technical, operational and execution skills to pour the best exposed aggregate solutions.

Right from the initial pour to the final blasting as well as the maintenance, we are a one-stop destination to get the best exposed aggregate Melbourne construction services.

While we know the technical aspect of the job, it is the homeowner that can tell us the best about its expectation from the construction, which helps us create effective plans. We take the ideas from you, design a plan and covey it to you before we make any changes in your outdoor spaces.

We know the secrets of keeping the cost of construction low and no, it does not include “compromising with the quality”. We offer top quality exposed aggregate solutions at an affordable price.

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