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We provide durable, study and cost-effective solutions that meet all car park concreting requirements.

Whether you're planning developments for an investment property or planning to open new commercial space for leasing, you can't forget to include parking spaces.

There's many solutions for parking structures you could have designed depending on your spatial and cosmetic appeal needs.

But no matter which one you choose, it's important to have a car park contractor who uses tested and proven designs, and who can complete the construction in both a timely and safe manner.

At SkyCo Group, we work closely with quality engineering teams, safety inspectors, government officials and private investors to ensure proper completion of car park construction projects.

When it comes to structures that meet both cosmetic appeal and durability standards, concrete car parks are what we recommend.


Advantages Of Going With Concrete For Car Park Construction

While there are other options besides concrete for building parking lots and garages, concrete offers the best of both the asphalt and gravel options.

Here's a few advantages concrete has that might surprise you:

1. Lower cost in the long-term

The initial upfront cost for car park construction with concrete is higher than others, but in the years to come that cost will be offset by less costs. The maintenance costs are lower, and as long as the car park contractors have completed the process correctly, you're not as likely to be facing major overhaul costs.

2. Much more durable

While concrete does have to be protected and sealed to last, it is much more durable than other surfaces. Durability is everything in a parking structure because you want a structure that will hold up against the elements and can handle high traffic.

3. Not as much maintenance

Concrete can save you the time and burdensome costs of having to tear up and rebuild your lots every time they need repaving.

Car park maintenance contractors will only need to do some touch ups here and there unless the lot has neared the end of it's life expectancy.


Life Expectancy For Most Standard Concrete Parking Lots

The life expectancy of concrete parking lots really depends on the quality of concrete that was used in construction, and the kind of climate it's exposed to.

Parking lot contractors need to follow the proper protocols for mixing and laying the concrete, and then following up with the maintenance in order to get to maximum life expectancy.

But under the right conditions, a concrete parking lot can last 30 years or more.


Kinds Of Maintenance Involved With Concrete Parking Lots

Much of the maintenance involved with concrete is making sure it's completely sealed off from water that could seep into it, and ensuring it doesn't start cracking prematurely.

It needs to have seal coats applied to it every few years or so to prevent cracks from forming, and the heavier the traffic the parking lot gets, the more often resealing will have to be done.

If cracks have formed, our professionals can patch them, but preventative maintenance should always be done first.


Additional Reasons To Choose Concrete Over Asphalt

While asphalt has usually been known as the cheaper material in construction, its price has increased in recent years.

Plus, while asphalt can expand and contract with the elements, it also deteriorates quicker and has to be repaved more often.

Concrete not only will last longer and not have to be repaved, but it can be given different colours to blend in with the surrounding colour schemes of buildings and nature.

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