Excavation & Earthworks & Concrete Removal in Melbourne

Excavation & Earthworks & Concrete Removal Services

Our experienced staff is licensed and insured to remove concrete and other debris from the most hard-to-reach corners of your property.

Just like every other thing, concrete too has a defined life. Once it completes the different phases of its life and reaches maturity, it starts losing its grace and deteriorate in one way or another.

When the deterioration reaches the level beyond repair, it is the best to remove it and re-install a fresh pour.

Concrete removal services are targeted on making your floors alive again and add years to their life.

Cutting and removing of concrete is important because it is one measure to decrease the potential of further damage along with minimising the liability quotient.

At SkyCo Group, our experts thoroughly assess the condition of the existing concrete floor, to make sure that the new layer is the best match for the current flooring and the underlying problem.

We offer the best solutions after determining the type of existing concrete, the need for concrete removal and the best solution for re-layering.

Concrete slab demolition and removal in Melbourne

It becomes necessary to remove the existing layer of concrete slab and replace it with a fresh one, this does not only makes dull and dying flooring look fresh and more attractive, but also improves the overall value of the property.

At SkyCo Group, we not only provide you effective concrete demolition and removal in Melbourne, but also extend services related to concrete removal from other structures like home or office walls, in order to make better use of the existing space or to provide strength to the structure.

Most of the time, the first time concrete pouring doesn’t give the best results and due to several reasons, may leave your spaces compact.

A great solution for increasing the space at such places is removal of concrete. It is also a great way to make new ways for different rooms, by cutting new door frames on the walls.

Moreover, with our services, you can also enhance the look of your driveways by cutting out small garden beds.

Well-equipped and skilled, we take all the preventive measures to ensure that the surrounding areas are left undamaged during the procedure.

We have successfully delivered a range of projects with incredible results.

Why choose SkyCo Group for demolition and concrete removal?

At SkyCo Group, we offer you a number of reasons to choose us as your demolition and concrete removal partners, including:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in breaking, cutting and concrete removal projects
  • Understanding of the different needs for removal of concrete
  • Quality equipment and knowledge of the latest techniques that minimise the damage
  • 100% guaranteed results with the assurance of quality and timely completion

We remove a number of concrete panels in Melbourne to allow you to renovate, or refurbish the structures to refine their value and looks.

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