Concrete Slabs for Sheds and Houses

Creating and layering concrete slabs takes elaborate design work, accurate measurement of formwork, reinforcement, a carefully constructed thickness and sturdy hands.

This is why it’s important to choose the right contractors who specialise in concrete slabs to ensure your concrete finish is aesthetically appealing, well-laid and durably fit for purpose.

This is what Skyco Group guarantees!

Servicing all areas of Melbourne, our professionals at Skyco Group are renowned for delivering efficient, high-quality and effective services for both indoor and outdoor house and shed environments.

Our concrete slab contractors are highly qualified, skilled and experienced to get the job done without cutting corners.

We invest in the best quality concrete slab materials in the industry to provide a concrete slab finish at your house or shed that will last for decades.

In addition, our contractors are able to complete any type of concrete layering and pattern-creating project no matter the size.

So, get in touch with us for a Free Quote and tailored solution to create the perfect concrete slabs for your house or shed.

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What Sets Us Apart?

  • Bespoke solutions for your project needs
  • Qualified, specialised and experienced concrete slab contractors
  • Efficient, effective, reliable and durable
  • Use the best materials on the market
  • Use specialised concrete slab layering techniques
  • Educate you on the best options available to suit your project
  • Custom design and create concrete foundations for both indoor and outdoor projects
  • Able to to retain old structures using techniques appropriate to the concrete structure
  • Custom-create patterns and coloured slabs
  • Competitive pricing for customised concrete slabs for houses and sheds

Benefits of Using Concrete Slabs for Houses and Sheds

Concrete slabs are generally the foundation of other structures. We therefore place much focus on the resilience and integrity of the slabs during its production.

Concrete slabs can offer many benefits for houses and sheds.

1. Durable

If reinforcement, as well as the concrete slab itself, and is placed correctly, cracking will be prevented and slabs will have an unlimited life span. This includes correct construction scheduling of the concrete to reach enough design strength before putting significant pressure on it, having a properly prepared foundation, the right amount of water content, treating concrete slab edges and appropriate curing in the first 3 to 7 days.

We design and create all concrete slabs for houses and sheds in accordance with the Australian Standards.

2. Natural ventilation

If designed correctly, they will have a natural ventilation. This is particularly important for slabs on the upper storeys of houses where warm air rises.

3. Environmental comfort

Concrete slabs have a high amount of thermal mass, which is able to regulate indoor comfort by absorbing or radiating a heating or cooling effect on the body, depending on the climate.

4. Reduced sound

Concrete slabs are great at helping to reduce loud airborne sounds, such as music or conversation, in homes. We say ‘airborne’ specifically, because sometimes sounds may still seep through floors; for example, the sound of shoes tapping on tiled floors above you can be heard in the room below. These are impact sounds which, if considered by your contractor, can be concealed with an ‘acoustic barrier’ in the ceiling.

5. Aesthetic

The aggregate that exists in the slab can be exposed to produce an aesthetic design effect in the concrete slab. Many finishes, patterns and colours can also be applied to the slabs to create aesthetically appealing visual effects that do not affect the slab’s thermal performance.

6. Resilient

Concrete slabs provide great resilience for houses and sheds against natural disasters, such as cyclones. Here, the slabs provide a strong anchor against extreme wind loads. Compacted concrete - done by vibrating the concrete - creates an even stronger concrete as air entrapped in the concrete is reduced and therefore able to resist cracking.

7. Environmentally sustainable

There are many new concrete on the market that offers a solution which reduces greenhouse gases by absorbing carbon dioxide. However, not all concrete contractors utilise high-quality and environmentally-friendly concreting materials.

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